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Marechal Foch

Marechal Foch (Kuhlmann 188-2) is a very early ripening black grape with small berries and clusters that produce a fruity light red table wine. The vines are hardy and medium in vigor and production. Marechal Foch should be grafted on a resistant rootstock to ensure adequate vigor. Birds are attracted to the small black berries.

Very good quality red wines have been made from Foch at wineries in Minnesota and elsewhere. This variety is versatile, lending itself to both reds and roses. Foch is early-ripening and one of the hardiest French hybrids. Widely grown commercially in Minnesota. On good sites in southern Minnesota, there is no need to cover the vines for winter protection. Birds prefer small, black, early grapes, so Marechal Foch is particularly attractive to them. As its clusters are relatively small, it should not be pruned severely.

Quite resistant to common grape diseases; slight susceptibility to both powdery and downy mildews.